Mission Zero Hundred Hours

 BBQ Mission Deployment Fundraiser

Veteran bbq mission deployment 

Mission Zero Hundred Hours is preparing for another BBQ Mission Deployment!   


Planned Deployment/Mission Scope


The Rumble on the River Presented by TheBBQSuperstore.com

 25-26 SEP 2020

MZHH is partnering with TheBBQSuperstore in collaboration with The Rumble on the River in support of local Veterans. Veterans will have the opportunity to cook with teams as part of our effort and mission to raise awareness and end Veteran Suicide; by embedding Veterans with BBQ Cook Teams for a two-day BBQ Mission. 


We believe competition BBQ can provide a familiar, structured, and mission-centric environment to Veterans, that helps struggling vets channel their energies toward healthy goals and finding a new support network through the extended Competition BBQ Family. 

MZHH provides Veterans deployed on BBQ Missions with transportation, housing, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, financial assistance, mission supplies, and a separate competition prize purse for Veterans deployed with BBQ cook teams.   


Call to Arms


We could use your help raising the funds needed for this and upcoming deployments. 

With your support we believe: BBQ Saves Lives.  

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