Mission Zero Hundred Hours


Sean Young


Sean is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, BBQ competitor, BBQ instructor, and BBQ smoker manufacturer


Sean served as a quartermaster and armorer in the US Army / US Army Reserves from 1995 to 2001 and was honorably discharged with the rank of E5 Sergeant. Sean discovered KCBS BBQ competitions in 2006, spent the next year building a 300 gallon reverse offset cooker, and started competing professionally in 2007. Sean soon discovered the BBQ community, family, structure, and military like process of competition BBQ and latched on to this world as a way to assist him in his struggle with post military life.


12 years later, Mission Zero Hundreds’ program, BBQ Saves LIves, was born as a way to share his helpful experience with fellow struggling vets.


Sean is the Co-Founder of Double O Drum Co, a BBQ Drum Smoker manufacturer. CEO of Park Road Technologies, a boutique technology firm. Chairman and Co-Organizer of the Saluting with Smoke BBQ contests. Head Cook of Risky Brisket BBQ Team. Sean also teaches BBQ classes across the Chicagoland area.

Hank Ritts

Vice President

Hank is a career business to business sales professional, an entrepreneur, a dedicated husband and father, a Pro-BBQ competitor, and a constitutionalist.


Hank served as an assistant squad leader in the 7th ID, HHC 4-17 INF Buffalos as an 11-C10 in the US Army from 1989 to 1993 and was honorably discharged with the rank of E4 Corporal. Hank returned to Rockford Illinois in 1995 to utilize his Illinois Veterans Grant for college and to build several businesses.  He discovered KCBS BBQ competitions in 2010 when he attended a Jacks Old South cooking school with Myron Mixon for a 40th birthday celebration with a life long friend. Hank caught the 'BBQ Bug' and co-founded a Pro BBQ Team while simultaneously engineering and building a water cooker with his teammates, and started competing professionally in 2013. 


Hank met Sean Young on the pro circuit in 2014 and discovered many shared passions and similar experiences. Six years later Hank joined Mission Zero Hundred Hours to build a world class veterans charity and fulfill the BBQ Saves Lives Mission.


Outside of his full time work and family responsibilities, Hank is a Co-Organizer of the Saluting with Smoke BBQ contests; as well as a partner in Risky Brisket BBQ Team. 

Jon Walrath


Jon is a business owner, foodie, tech nerd, eagle scout and 3 time family fantasy football league champion.

Jon doesn't have any formal military experience himself but he does come from a long lineage of military officers. His Grandfather, while assigned to the military police, served as head of presidential security for Presdient Roosevelt during the Tehran conference, his father and brother are also high ranking officers in the Army and Navy, respectively. He has over 10 years of experience supporting and raising funds for charities. At the age of 12, he lost his mom to cancer. He never really dealt with the loss until much later in life and found cooking to be a therapy for him when he was in a dark space. He hopes the culinary arts can also provide that light for some of our vets that are battling their own darkness.

Jon met Sean at one of Sean's brisket classes and found that they shared a passion for bbq and well being of our vets. Sean shared his ideas for BBQ Saves Lives and the rest is history.

Jon is the owner of 2 businesses, Windy City Liquidation and Second Hand Solutions. WCL works with charities and helps move excess inventory to create charitable donations. SHS is a technology company that works with second hand inventory companies to allow them to efficiently keep track and sell goods of varying conditions.

Mike Peters


Mike is known as the BBQ Pitchman and has been called the face of competition BBQ as he has traveled with his wife promoting for some of the largest companies in the food and cooking space for the past thirteen years.


Prior to life on the road, Mike has been a banking center manager for a regional bank, sales manager for one of the top wireless companies and is still a Championship BBQ Pitmaster!


Mike has also served for six years on the KCBS board of directors including four on the executive committee with one year serving as KCBS President.


Mike has a hard time saying no and usually will find a way to accomplish the mission at hand. He truly believes in the Zig Ziglar saying "You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want"

Jordan Fishman

Director / Technology Chair

Jordan is an IT executive, entrepreneur, company builder, Angel Investor, technologist, and mentor.


His career spans twenty years of technical leadership including finance, healthcare, compliance, product development, and startups.


As the Chief Technology Officer (from 2007 to 2014) of one of South Florida's Premier Hedge Funds, he oversaw development of an asset management suite used to manage $900M in investments and was responsible for all SEC IT compliance and audits.

Since 2015, Jordan has served as CTO for Park Road Technology Chief Data Officer for World Cup of Sales, Corp. and Chief Technology Officer for DreamFu Ventures, LLC.


Jordan holds a BS from FIU in Computer Science, and an MS in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University.

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