Mission Zero Hundred Hours

 BBQ Saves Lives

BBQ Saves Lives, our initial program, pairs vets with professional BBQ teams across the country for a BBQ Mission which re-introduces vets to mission, value, team, family, and community. 


The process of cooking competition BBQ is very mission centric. Over the course of a BBQ contest, vets get to re-connect with all the goals that make them who they are. Preparation. Task lists. Team. Mission Completion. Contributing. Selflessness. Family. Brother & Sisterhood. BBQ contests have a very clearly defined beginning and end, with success criteria and results. You have the adrenaline of competing, and completing tasks. At the end of a contest we hope vets find a new family and support network within the BBQ community bigger and better that the military one they had!


Veterans returning from service often find it difficult to integrate back into the civilian life. Upon out processing, at the stroke of a pen, vets' lives change immediately. They lose their military family, unit, structure, schedule, job, and support network.

We believe that BBQ is therapy. The BBQ community provides a family and mission environment to start or accelerate the healing process. 


Our proprietary system algorithm pairs vets with the best matched BBQ team for the start of the healing journey. BBQ teams and vets receive a mission pack with orders and other classified information to start their weekend BBQ mission. Upon completion both teams and vets have the privilege of receiving their MZHH challenge coin and have helped try and reduce the number of daily veteran suicides from 20 to Zero (00:00)

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